Regitze Hess

Regitze Marianne Hess, Architect MAA, Professor of Practice in Urbanism.

Regitze Marianne Hess is a Copenhagen based architect with a career as an educator, as a professor of practice in urbanism, writer and editor, project manager and facilitator of knowledge exchange for various international fora on matters pertaining to cities and the built environment, urban governance, architecture and urban design, including serving in the advancement of the Design Declaration and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Regitze has a twofold education: holding degrees of Candidate of Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fines Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark; and Bachelor of Engineering – Civil from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

She is a leading figure in the advancement of the Design Declaration, serving an integral part of the Steering Committee and the Project Committees, and editor-in-chief of the Montreal Design Declaration adopted and signed by 20 plus design related organizations including Cumulus.

Regitze Marianne Hess is an advisor to Cumulus in relation to the advance of the Design Declaration and the UN SDGs; a leading figure and member of the IFHP: International Federation for Housing and Planning, charged with IFHP’s UN portfolio including: IFHP’s contribution to the New Urban Agenda and Habitat III, IFHP representation in UN Habitat World Urban Campaign (WUC), Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF) and more; UNEP; UNESCO; UNFCCC; as such advancing IFHP as an implementation agent of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Professor of Practice with DIS Study Abroad programme in Copenhagen, teaching courses in architecture, urban design and urbanism, with particular focus on livability and the urban experience.