BE OPEN and Cumulus welcome José Allard, Francisca Astaburuaga, Karl Stocker and Teresa Franqueira to the international expert jury panel

BE OPEN and Cumulus are proud and happy to welcome new jury members to the Design for Sustainable City panel.

A long-time friend José Allard, PhD, is an associate professor and researcher at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where he served as the Director of the School of Design for the past six years (2013–2019).

José is serving his second consecutive term in the Executive Board of Cumulus which he joined in 2016. As a practicing Chilean de signer, José is at the helm of a variety of projects and initiatives with public and private institutions as clients and partners, many of them with a focus on information design and digital accounting. He is a founding member of the Public Innovation Laboratory (LIP-UC) a “do-tank” composed of colleagues from the university and researchers from the Center for Public Policy.

Francisca Astaburuaga, Architect UC at MSc City Design LSE. Director of the Centre of Innovation in Cities at Universidad del Desarrollo, chair of “Cities and Infrastructure” committee at the Council of Infrastructure Policies of Chile and Senior Consultant for Arup in Latin America. Architect and Urban Designer with 18 years of working experience in project design, research and project management with a focus on sustainability, community & public space and the incorporation of new technologies.

In the last ten years, the main focus of her work has been the direction of urban projects and studies that imply a deep understanding of local conditions, identify the main opportunities of each context and design the implementation strategies that enable the development of innovative and sustainable programmes.

Karl Stocker, Ph.D., Head of the Institute of Design & Communication at the FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria.

In 1999 Karl Stocker founded the exhibition design agency BISDATO, which produces concepts, content and spatial design for cultural-historical exhibitions and museums. His professional and academic interests include design & theory, design & society, exhibition design and socio & sustainable design. He has presented the results of his research at several conferences, symposia and universities around the world. Karl Stocker is the author and publisher of numerous publications; his most recent project is Designing Sustainable Cities. Manageable Approaches to Make Urban Spaces Better (Birkhäuser 2020; ed. with S. Bürstmayr).

Teresa Franqueira, Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Teresa Franqueira is a designer and the Director and Scientific Coordinator of the Design Factory Aveiro at the Creative Science Park Aveiro Region. She has a PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano; a MsC degree in Industrial Design; a Postgraduate degree at the Glasgow School of Art and Portuguese Design Centre and a BsC degree in Product Design.

Her research interests focus on themes related to product-service design, design thinking, social innovation, circular economy and alternative scenarios towards more sustainable economic and social models.

BE OPEN and Cumulus welcome José Allard, Francisca Astaburuaga, Karl Stocker and Teresa Franqueira to the international expert jury panel